Saturday, February 16, 2013

Mouse on Mars WOW [Monkeytown , 2012]

The IDM pioneer duo is back with their 10th album, WOW, a ridiculous conglomerate of various EDM styles and ideas all meshed under some bizarre screams and shouts by Dao Anh Khanh, Las Kellies, and Eric D. Clarke. Sampling is not quite as good as their other albums, but that says nothing when comparing them to the stock sample exchange that is most EDM. Tracks transition beautifully, build abruptly , and are mostly dance floor worthy; that is, if your passengers on deck are flexible and interesting enough folks. But hell, its a idm group taking a shot at standard EDM of all forms and flavors. What did you expect? UK Dubstep, Fidget, Techno, and IDM blends are all featured on this album, along with a number of transition tracks filled with noise and verbal spewage. The latter make for some great entrances into their subsequent tracks, so by all means pair some of this fantastic junk together! Oh, and the general theme is “three letters,” in case the tracklisting wasn’t apparent. My pickings would include DOG (2), HYM (3), VAX (4), ACD (7), and CAN(9) (which is the only thing that could possibly represent their old work to a degree).

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