Sunday, February 17, 2013

Father Murphy Anyway Your Children Will Deny It- 8 Heretical Views / Two Views [Aagoo Records, 2012]

Father Murphy is actually the name of the Italian trio comprised of Reverend Freddie (vocals, guitar), Chiara Lee (vocals, keyboards, percussion) and Vittorio De Marin (vocals, drums, strings). Stinging strings, lo-fi bit crush, crazed vocals, religious-foreboding, and a base of dark ambient/industrial make Anyway Your Children Will Deny It – 8 Heretical Views a ridiculous 8 track journey. This is actually a reworked version of the original album, with remixes by Happy New Year, W.H.I.T.E, Zulus, Thulebasen, Yvette, Noel V. Harmonson/ Sic Alps, Black Dice & Ema Greg. Saunier’s (of Deerhoof) production assistance was a solid benefit to the dark and frantic tone of the original, and his work still shines through in this release. The band recorded a structure and Saunier mixed a fine veneer of psychedelic drone for each track. Oddly enough, Father Murphy tagged the two tracks from Two Views (a single that is part of a remix series) to the top of the album, bringing the tracklist up to 10. This portion features Indian Jewelry’s reworking of "His Face Showed No Distortions", and Philippe Petit’s mix of "Diggin the Bottom of the Hollow”. Both are fantastic.

RECOMMENDED: ALL 1!, 2!, 3, 5!, 6, 7!

Original Group

Two of the contributing artists. Unfortunately, no such luck finding any tracks from the reworked album itself on youtube.

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