Saturday, February 16, 2013

Eric Lanham- The Sincere Interruption [Spectrum Spools, 2012]

Eric Lanham’s first album under his own name, having been previously playing under aliases such as Carl Calm, Palmetto Moon Electronic Group, and part of the duo Caboladies. The album was commissioned back in summer 2011 and was finally recorded in March 2012. Unlike some musique concrete where one is consistently wondering whether the composer truly spent that much time manipulating his collection of noise he announces as “tracks,” Lanham’s work very obviously from the start reflects a good deal of dedication and precision. Tracks range from haphazard monsters spewing rhythms and lines at the listener without care to cloudy analog melodies that occasionally break through the noise. Side A starts with Handling Noise, a perfect opener with some neat dark ambient influences, crackling and corrupting into the first true track. A2 is heavily jazz influenced; a lone synth just strutting along in a cave of reverb. A3 is the title track and a true cacophony of noise. All with a ~180bpm that never loses focus despite the ridiculous rhythms and ideas being thrown this way and that into a tornado. Really, really cool. A4 sounds like a lamenting machine, with considerable drone influences. A5 is gabber for industrial concrete lovers. Side B starts with Amer Jos, a track that sounds like similar to the Sci-Fi computer noises used in 80’s cartoons, noises that would suggest calculations being checks and measurements beings obtained. B2 is almost industrial, with the static lo-fi so precise at times that its individual jabs constitute a rhythm that Junglists would feel right at home with. B3 clears up the mess with a solid melody that really indeed is quite pretty; nostalgic even. One of my favorites off the album but at a solid 8’16 it’s also the longest. B4 ends the album with another track sure to melt Aaron Funk’s face clean off. Extremely precise and angry, it’s not for the faint of heart or the casual listener. 
SUGGESTED: ALL!! A2!, A3!, A5!, B2!, B3!!, B4!!

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