Saturday, February 16, 2013

Kane Ikin – Sublunar [12k – 2012]

Kane Ikin is one member of the group known as Solo Andata. His solo work is very raw in comparison to his other project, with Sublunar not following proper recording techniques, keeping tape hisses and warped noises to go for, as he puts it, “Quality of the sound, over quality of the sound.” His work is largely downtempo/ambient with a strong adherence to musique concrete as well as experimental jazz. White-washed and filtered melodies move around a haphazard collection of percussion and noise. Tracks don’t stick out, but rather just meld into one another in an easy movement, making Sublunar relaxing, but not sleep-inducing. A nice cohesion of west and east percussion, especially with “Titan” (6). Some tracks that particularly wigged me out would include “Europa” (ethereal/brooding melody over ~ UK dubstep), “Slow Waves” for a neat build from nothing to a slow walk with plucked strings and tape hiss), and “Hyperion” (More industrial ambient that ends with a deep archaic sound). I loved most if not all of this album and would also recommend playing some of the shorter tracks back to back. 

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