Sunday, April 21, 2013

Springintgut where we need no map [Kompakt, 2013]

The late 00’s have seen a resurgence of acoustic+electronic idm/techno, with a new set of machines at a producer’s disposal. Andi Otto is the mind behind Springintgut, using his “electronically-augmented” cello, or “Fello” to create a solid swath of eastern influenced downtempo. The results are bizarre and genre-setting if not gorgeous. While the album is first mainly acoustic (modified acoustic, that is), Otto breaks out a great deal of percussion later for some pseudo-break patterns (see Moustache Twisters (4)). Based on Otto’s style, I’m almost certain he is classically adept, which leaks perfectly into his composition. The overall tone of the album jumps from upbeat to drone/downtempo in the span of 2-3 tracks. Heavier synth is an occasional addition as well (7-Banalore Kids) for more techno-influenced tracks. I am thrilled at how well Otto’s fello mixes, something that is a constant challenge for electro-acoustic. I would only critique Otto for his lack of focus; he skids over too many sub-genres to fully develop his unique work, at times blurring his album’s focus. Very interesting artist, and I’m frankly blown away at the originality.


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