Sunday, April 7, 2013

COMA In Technicolor [Kompakt, 2013]

Colonge based electro-pop duo COMA release a very well-produced multi-genre album. Not the most original album, but that isn’t too terrible a sin for an electro-pop group. Tracks flow relatively well throughout the list, and there are certainly some keepers. Track 1 works very well as an opener; a catchy, but standard house track. Track 2 introduces some funk and vox, even a brass section. Lyrics are creepy however (About some woman in a red jacket that the singer wants to get with), but not indecent. 3 is a ‘clap track’ with some fun electro bits. 4 is a bit more indie-electro; great prod. value I suppose. 5 uses more tribal percussion and pulls a great deal from soul and funk. 6 is a floppy attempt at IDM (I guess), but a lot better than everything off that shitty comp by BPitch that I gave up reviewing. 7 sounds like MOSH if his sampling pallet was a tad lighter; frantic driving line. 8 is straight-up electro-pop; stupid fun. 9 is an ambient intro turned house filler that continues to build all the way through. If the entire album was like 10 (maximal MINIMAL), I would be thrilled. Very syncopated house that builds ingenuously. 11 is lofi radio/ambient filler with some dainty middle-school level scale stuff. Does its job as an intro for 12 really nicely though, which is a solid outro. No vox (I couldn’t be happier) and in general just a cute feel-good house track. Same vibe as Strobe. Good stuff COMA, but you should have stepped it up a couple of notches.

RECOMMENED: 10!, 12, 7, 1, 6, 8 -Connor H.

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