Sunday, April 14, 2013

[n.] ein klagelied für 3f [cae-sur-a, 2012]

Jennifer Marquart is [n.], owner of the cae-sur-a label. [n.]’s work is dark ambient with a heavy leaning to classical. Tracks are remarkably short for this type of work, with the longest track being less than 6 minutes. Side a of the original LP features a four part ambient/drone piece incorporating other-worldly choirs and samples. Side b features most eastern string work, though retaining the same wall of drone present on the first side. While all of this music is interesting and certainly worthwhile for airtime, I feel that a lot of the tracks could have been embellished upon; the album feels too much like a sampler rather than a cohesive work. For example, part 4 of side a feels like an afterthought than the piece’s true ending. Interesting stuff nonetheless, just not nearly memorable enough.

RECOMMENDED: 1, 2!, 3, 5!, 6, 7 CLEAN

Labelmate Black Chalk has a similar sound

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