Sunday, March 3, 2013

Oliver deutschmann Out of the Dark [Kompakt, 2013]

Deutschmann has put out a number 12-inches dating back to 2007 on labels like Polytone Recordings, Aim and Konsequenz. In this time he's developed a reputation as a somewhat under-the-radar purveyor of heavy yet atmospheric house and techno, both in his productions and DJ sets. Most of his work doesn’t stray too far from that descriptor, with Out of the Dark quickly jumping between roots at an unhurried and erudite rate. Tracks and melodies do not maintain composure for very long, and the build is something Deutschmann is known for. One track that certainly showcases this would be “siem reap 2013,” a bolstering rave inducer with a thrilleresque melody. His work can sometimes move into the realm of IDM (“die tiefe”) but it is only for several tracks or so, quickly returning to the producers more well-known roots. Deutcshmann’s synthwork is also something to be admired, best seen on tracks like “Space Desert”, “They bleed guitar”, “Fever”, “New World Order”, and “Sadness Descends.” Oliver’s work isn’t groundbreaking, but it is very well produced and easily speaks for the breadth of his german techno repertoire.
Recommended: 5!, 6!, 1!, 7!, 2, 3, 4, 10, 9

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