Sunday, March 17, 2013

Ielasi/Kassel Jaeger, Giuseppe Parallel/Grayscale [Editions Mego, 2013]

Composers Guiseppe Ielasi and Kassel Jaeger collaborate to produce two drone/ambient pieces, both clocking just over the 18minute mark. Melodically speaking, both tracks are none too friendly, heavily turning towards more isolationist and industrial notions that openly reek of unnerving samples. There is a set of movements to be found in each piece. Parallel begins in a dirge of war horn drone. At ~ 6:10min, our floor drops out and we are left with a minimal, two note, half step piano line, introducing a cacophony of electric muddle out of nowhere. This slowly settles into an oddly metered typewriter rhythm at beginning around the 9min mark. Our piano line from 6min makes an additional rendezvous over the squeals of an electric pig bubbling in some lo-fi stew. At 14:20, we are introduced to Eastern drone with the only percussion being the skittering of tin and sounds of gun fire in the distance. And that’s just Parallel. Grayscale begins far softer with a seaside of crusty metal that slowly introduces a pinging, give and take melody standing out from a sea of distorted strings. Around 5:20, things become more sinister, unsure. Around the 6:30 mark I swear I hear what sounds like a really muddled swing tune, low-filtered. 7:47 begins a section that leaves a cavern space to be filled with a melody very reminiscent of either Triosk or Jan Jelenik. The 12min mark relieves the percussive ticking, and the work pushes into something Biosphere might have produced. A solid trip through sound.
Recommended: ALL

Unfortunately, I couldn't find either of the tracks, but here is another piece by Giuseppe

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